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Kikde Spy phone App is one of the most leading, trusted brands in best free spy monitor app for android solutions ever developed. It has been designed and developed from the ground up by Kikde to provide a reliable mobile or phone monitoring solution which has now enabled employers to enhance their employee's productivity and family elders safeguard minors with ease.

How to Install

Install app by click on Download app button and follow the instruction that are given in the Installation Guide. User can only proceed with the installation after he/she must agree with the terms & conditions mentioned below.


Users Security

User verifications are done by user itself after completing the payments. After payments user should remember payment id for verification one payment id valid for per user. Before payment user must be aware of the policies mentioned here.



User data and payments are done with this panel is handled by the more securely user can remove or delete their account anytime all data will be erased from the server. If you have any trouble, please feel free to contact us 24x7.

Why our product is the best/Features of Application

Its best free undetectable spy app for android relatively easy and efficient with a set of first-party features that make it a foremost choice when it comes to choosing the best mobile phone spy software, when we talk about a security.

1. Parentel control

If you of the wonder all time what your kids are doing on their smartphones all day. So, no need to worry, try this app, it provides all details what’s your kids are doing with their smartphones.

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2.Employee Monitoring

By creating a record of an employee’s activity, you can monitor silent and undetectable. By which you can keep your company safe and reliable. You can also track your employees.

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3.Spouse Monitoring

It is one of the best Catch Cheating Spouse App. It provides you lots of features which make your work easy. You can check your Soule; how much is he/she perfect for you.

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4.Spying friends

It's one of the best and it helps you to track all the SMS and calls that are received or made by the target user. So, you can understand what your friend need and you can check whether he was in trouble or not?

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5.Women Safety

It is the best as it helps you in tracking woman, in an emergency situation a helping hand would be a relief for them and you can check whether she was in trouble or not?

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6.Kids Guider

It helps you watch over your kids and protect them from pornography, cyberbullying, online predators, and other threats. You will be able to monitor and store call logs, messages, social activities and more.

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Your life will be much easier


Hundreds of Controls

The moment you use It tracks GPs locations, the browser activity, messages, calls activity, WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Skype, app blocker, call blocker, text watcher, back call, geofence, screenshot, camera, photos and many more.


Easy to Use

Its popular and mature best free android phone spy app, you can monitor almost every aspect of phone usage by just installing our mobile spy app which takes less than 5 minutes. It has easy, user Interface and free for use.


More Secure

Our easy to use control panel, online customer support and strong encryption technologies make our application more reliable. By this application you can keep your family and loved ones safe and more productive.

Function of application

This best free android phone spy app is completely hidden spy apps and work secretly without user knowledge with these features:

Read Contact History

It allows you to instantly view the complete call history on a monitored phone. The call logs are displayed in a in rising way, including contact, phone numbers, names, created time, call duration, and the types of calls such as incoming, outgoing, missed or rejected calls. Make a quick look at the top 5 most frequently contacted persons, and details about call duration and dates in our dashboard.


Spy on Text Messages

Instantly view a complete record of all sent and received messages, including chat list history, sender and receiver names, actual text messages, and the number of messages in each chart, it displays all types of messages. It also Instantly judges who are the most important persons from the number of messages and chat frequency. You can sync message immediately from user control panel.


Track location Monitoring

Instantly know the target device exact position of the tracked device. View the path the device took to get to its location. You can see the location of the device on the map or can get its GPS location immediately from user control panel.


Hidden call recorder for android

You can do call recording and save any phone call you want and also can Captures all what target users talking to the nearby target device. You can remotely access through an online control panel to target devices to enable and disable recording


Tracking apps for cell phones

Lists the names and installation dates with its usage of all of the apps on the target device. You can remotely Block app from the Control panel.


View Multimedia Files

View all the target device pictures, including photos, screenshots, and pictures from any apps saved on the monitored device. Photos from the target device are displayed in the dashboard as thumbnails, but you can also download the original files from the user remote control panel..


Event Monitoring

Follow the calendars of your target devices. This is especially useful for keeping track of employees' work schedules.It keeps you informed about all the reminders on the tracked device.


Clip/Notes Monitoring

All Clip Notes from mobile devices will be sent silently to server to let you view. Maybe you can know important data such as password of Facebook or other sensitive data that has been available in clips.


Android Spy Software Remote

Remote access through an online control panel and send SMS, Call, Generating Notification sound and make calls etc. Commands to target devices to do a specified action and lots of things.


Android Keylogger

Captures all what target users typed information on target devices.So we can know any things what’s target users typed for example password of Facebook.

How Panel Work's?

Our Control panel is the heart of the our spy apps, this online portal will provide all the details of recorded data from targeted device. You can Log on through the online portal of mobile spy and you can easily check the data on the targeted device. Buy this best free undetectable spy app for android.


Android Spy Panel

You can use this spy phone app to monitor social media, emails, call logs, text messages, contacts and even saved multimedia. To check the complete list of features of XNSPY, kindly see our Features page.Its best mobile phone spy software and also free android spy.


How to Use Mobile Spy

You can use this mobile monitoring app android for Multipurpose and multiple ways according to your usage. You can use as Child monitoring, Praent monitoring, Spouse monitoring, Employee Monitoring, Girl/Boy friend monitoring and many more places.Its also Implemented with best way android app to record phone calls secretly.


Security and Support

It's one of the most reliable and affordable free spy phone tracker app. Its 100% Secure, Satisfaction Guaranteed very cheap best phone spy software and also best free undetectable spy app for android with that promise and 24x7 support not only gives you best mobile spy app and also good spy experience to you.

Spy Panel Details

The core elements of Control Panel
Our Control panel has lots of features all features are displayed in a unique manner. The panel is such a responsive and very user friendly. After completing the payments User can only proceed with the installation after he/she must agree with the terms & conditions mentioned below and he/she must be aware of the policies mentioned here.Our panel keeps user data secure and in encrypted form and we use the best algorithm program to keep user data safe.

Work with us

If you have any troubleshoot or any suggestion and Guide Please feel free to contact us about any further collaboration. We will respond get back to you in a couple of hours.